May 17 - May 18, 2023

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Wednesday, May 17: Women

13:45Pitch 1Arsenal WFC0 - 0
FC Basel 1893
13:45Pitch 2FC Rosengård
1-0 Cajsa Rubensson

1 - 1FC Zürich Frauen
1-1 Lisa Lampart
14:35Pitch 1Juventus Woman
1-0 Ginevra Moretti
2-2 Elisa Pfattner
2 - 2BSC YB-Frauen
1-1 Mia Knapp
2-1 Aida Ragusa
14:35Pitch 2Vancouver Whitecaps FC
1-0 Kierra Blundell
1 - 1Grasshopper Club Zürich
1-1 Mara Tauriello
17:05Pitch 1Arsenal WFC
1-1 Amelia Bloom
1 - 2FC Rosengård
0-1 Hanna Cronqvist
1-2 Hanna Stenberg
17:05Pitch 2FC Basel 1893
1-0 Lena Bubendorf

1 - 1FC Zürich Frauen
1-1 Clara Henricsson
17:55Pitch 1Juventus Woman0 - 4Vancouver Whitecaps FC
0-1 Iba Oching
0-2 Anna Hauer
0-3 Ava Jackson
0-4 Emma Yee
17:55Pitch 2BSC YB-Frauen
1-0 Xenia Truninger
2-0 Mara Meier
3-0 Mara Meier
3 - 0Grasshopper Club Zürich

Wednesday, May 17: Men

15:25Pitch 1Olympique Marseille
1-1 Sayha Seha

1 - 1FC Zürich
0-1 Mihail Stefanovic
15:25Pitch 2Académie Génération Foot
1-0 Famady Traore
2-0 Idrissa Gueye
2 - 0
FC Basel 1893
16:15Pitch 1Liverpool FC
1-1 Keyrol Alexis Figueroa Norales
1 - 1Grasshopper Club Zürich
0-1 Xhan Aliu
16:15Pitch 2Sport Club Corinthians Paulista
1-0 Breno Bidon
2-0 Pedrinho
3-0 Cressi
3 - 0FC Blue Stars
19:00Pitch 1Olympique Marseille
0 - 1Académie Génération Foot
0-1 Elhadji Mbaye Diagne
19:00Pitch 2FC Zürich
1-1 Mihail Stefanovic
1 - 1FC Basel 1893
0-1 Elion Jashari
19:50Pitch 1Liverpool FC0 - 0Sport Club Corinthians Paulista
19:50Pitch 2Grasshopper Club Zürich
1-0 Dior Gerbovci
2-0 Damian Nigg
3-0 Leonardo Almeida Lopez
3 - 0FC Blue Stars

Thursday, May 18: Women

09:20Pitch 1FC Zürich Frauen
1-0 Julie Gartmann
1 - 0Arsenal WFC
09:20Pitch 2FC Basel 1893
1-0 Samira Wyden

1 - 0FC Rosengård
10:10Pitch 1Grasshopper Club Zürich-Juventus Woman
10:10Pitch 2BSC YB-Frauen-Vancouver Whitecaps FC
13:00Pitch 11. Gr. A: FC Zürich Frauen-2. B
13:00Pitch 24. A-4. B
14:00Pitch 11. B-
2. Gr. B: FC Basel 1893
14:00Pitch 23. A-3. B
17:00Pitch 1Frauen Finale-Frauen Finale
17:00Pitch 2Frauen 3. Platz-Frauen 3. Platz

Thursday, May 18: Men

11:00Pitch 1FC Basel 1893
Olympique Marseille
11:00Pitch 2FC Zürich-Académie Génération Foot
11:50Pitch 1FC Blue Stars-Liverpool FC
11:50Pitch 2Grasshopper Club Zürich-Sport Club Corinthians Paulista
15:00Pitch 11st A-2nd B
15:00Pitch 24th A-4th B
16:00Pitch 11st B-2nd A
16:00Pitch 23rd A-3rd B
18:20Pitch 1Men's Final-Men's Final
18:20Pitch 2Men's 3rd Place-Men's 3rd Place

Rankings Women Group A

TeamMatchesWDLGoals+ / -Points
1FC Zürich Frauen31203 : 215
2FC Basel 189331202 : 115
3FC Rosengård31113 : 304
4Arsenal WFC30121 : 3-21

Rankings Women Group B

TeamMatchesWDLGoals+ / -Points
1Vancouver Whitecaps FC21105 : 144
2BSC YB-Frauen21105 : 234
3Grasshopper Club Zürich20111 : 4-31
4Juventus Women20112 : 6-41

Rankings Men Group A

TeamMatchesWDLGoals+ / -Points
1Académie Génération Foot22003 : 036
2FC Zürich20202 : 202
3Olympique Marseille20111 : 2-11
4FC Basel 189320111 : 3-21

Rankings Men Group B

TeamMatchesWDLGoals+ / -Points
1Grasshopper Club Zürich21104 : 134
2Sport Club Corinthians Paulista21103 : 034
3FC Liverpool20201 : 102
4FC Blue Stars20020 : 6-60

Tournament Mode

Playing Times

The duration of all matches is 2 x 20 minutes. There is a 5-minute break at halftime. All final round matches ending in a draw are decided by a penalty shoot-out. Extra time will not be played.

Preliminary Round

The 8 teams are divided into 2 groups of 4 teams for the preliminary round. In each group, each team plays one match against each of the other teams. In the preliminary round, the ranking (positions 1-4) in each group is determined by the number of points obtained (win 3, draw 1, defeat 0).

Final Round Matches

The group winners and runners-up will play against each other in a knock-out system to determine the participants in the final and the third and fourth place matches. The group thirds and fourths will play the placement matches in the same system.


The Official Trophy

Designed and manufactured specifically for the Blue Stars/FIFA Youth Cup™, the official trophy was created by the renowned Tom Fattorini Company of Birmingham. The aluminum chrome-plated design features a football at the top and is finished with distinctive blue enamel decoration and lettering. The winning teams will each receive a replica of the trophy, as the original remains with FIFA in Zurich.

Special Awards

As is customary at FIFA events, awards will be presented to the tournament’s outstanding individual players. Experts from the FIFA Technical Study Group (TSG) watch all the matches and then jointly decide who will receive the awards. The winners will receive trophies from FIFA partner Adidas. The Golden Ball goes to the best individual players (male and female). The Golden Glove goes to the best goalkeeper (male and female).

FIFA Fair Play Award

A jury consisting of members of the Organizing Committee and the FIFA TSG will evaluate the behavior of the players on and off the field with the aim of raising the level of conduct, fairness and sportsmanship of the players and their coaches towards their teammates, opponents and the referees.