Men Tournament

Group A


Borussia’s U19 team is currently in fourth place in the highest German league, the A-Junioren-Bundesliga West, and is heading towards a very good final position. After a difficult start with four losses in the first seven games, the team coached by Oliver Kirch remained unbeaten for the entire rest of the first half of the season.

The team is very excited to participate in the FIFA Blue Stars Tournament.

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The Grasshopper Club Zurich has won the Blue Stars Tournament seven times, making it one of the teams with the most victories in the tournament. From the 2005, 2006, and 2007 cohorts, the best and most talented players will compete for a successful tournament participation. The young Hoppers are looking forward to participating in such a prestigious international competition. The anticipation is huge and the team can hardly wait!

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The U19 team of FCO St.Gallen, led by head coach Marco Hämmerli, assisted by Thomas Waser and Begat Bushati, is showing impressive performance in the current season. With strong performances, they have secured a position in the top half of the league table. The team is characterized by talent, passion, and a strong team spirit, which contributes to their successes on the field. With a clear focus on development and competitiveness, they set ambitious goals for the future.

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The U19 team of Académie Génération Foot is very excited to participate in the Blue Stars/FIFA Youth Cup™ and to have the privilege of representing the academy at the tournament. Being the first African team to ever participate in this tournament, alongside experienced European clubs, is more than a privilege, as it gives the players the opportunity to compete against foreign clubs.

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Group B


The A Junior team of FC Blue Stars plays in the Amateur Junior League A+. In this league, players born between 2001 and 2006 are eligible to participate.

Blue Stars, with only two age groups (2005 and 2006), fields one of the youngest teams in the group and is currently ranked in first place.

The boys are extremely excited about the upcoming tournament and will do everything they can to compete with the top players.

Of course, the big goal is to give everything against formidable opponents and perhaps achieve a surprise.

The tournament team will be reinforced by five players from the first team. Some A juniors have already been used in training and preparatory games to acclimate to adult football.

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For us at the Red Bull Football Academy, comparisons with top international teams are an essential part of training. “Therefore, we are very excited about the tournament and want to bring our style of football to the field in Zurich. Currently, our team is in first place in the Austrian U18 ÖFB Youth League, having played 17 games without losing a single point.

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The Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace is a historic French football club. Founded in 1906, it was the French champion in 1979, has won the Coupe de France three times, the Coupe de la Ligue three times, and has played over 2,000 games in Ligue 1.

As an economic engine, attraction, flagship, and creator of social bonds, Racing is a popular club with strong local roots. The Club is recognized for the warm, friendly and festive welcome of its public.

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Die Mannschaft des FCZ nimmt den diesjährigen Blue Stars/FIFA Youth Cup als Titelverteidiger in Angriff. 2023 gewann der FC Zürich das Turnier zum sechsten Mal in der Vereinsgeschichte. Im Final konnten die Brasilianer vom Sport Club Corinthians Paulista im Penaltyschiessen bezwungen werden. Auch in diesem Jahr hat der FCZ Ambitionen, wobei mit einem Team bestehend aus Spielern der U19 und der U17 angetreten wird. Gecoacht wird die Mannschaft von U19-Cheftrainer Dennis Hediger. Der Stadtclub freut sich, sich erneut mit starken Nachwuchsteams aus aller Welt zu messen.

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